• I wear Mary’s jewelry for a reason and it’s not just to look pretty. I find her pieces stunning but each one also had spiritual meaning for me too and provides something for me internally that may not be apparent to others. When I am working on something in my life-finding my voice about something, having faith or being more conscious, I pick the piece that evokes that and wear it until I feel like a shift has occurred. Mary’s jewelry has been through many profound moments in my life with me and it always will be.

    Laurie Gerber - President, Handel Group Life Coaching
  • Mary Margrill designs exquisite jewelry that mirrors her soul. Each piece will take you on your own spiritual journey. I am delighted to collaborate with her on designs for our Foundation.

    Barbara Poole, Founder - Build TZ Family Futures and the Women Rise Above Project
  • Mary is that rare person who combines the passion and vision of an artist. Her designs offer a simple, beautiful way for each wearer to embrace emotion and intention every day. And, Mary herself embodies the very essence behind her creations.

    Michael Silvia - Business Man and Customer
  • Mary is one of the most creative designers I have ever worked with. Being a designer myself I am very picky about who I let design for me and I trust Mary implicitly.

    Linda Colletta - Artist & Yoga Instructor
  • As a Neiman Marcus website editor, I see a wide selection of jewelery (not that I’m complaining, mind you) but pieces from Mary Margrill really stand out.

    Editor at Large - NeimanMarcus.com
  • Fashion with a purpose? What a concept. I received an unforgettable get well package from my dad. Dad sends me jewelry all the time but this was different. ….The 14K gold necklace comes with two linked discs with inspirational phrases on them. Dad is a diamond guy and it does not surprise me that the “I” is doted with a diamond. Now, I don’t need a necklace to make me feel loved; however wearing this is a constant reminder that no matter how I’m feeling. Someone cares.

    Makeda Saggau-Sackey - The Glamazon Diaries




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