Custom Designed Jewelry.

Each piece of bespoke jewelry is handmade and created specifically for you. Mary can design a unique piece for you or transform your own jewelry heirlooms into a new and inspiring couture creation. Mary creates these one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry from drawings she completes with her clients’ personal history and desires in mind.

Many clients have requested this couture, custom service because they recognize Mary’s talent of being able to imbue each piece she creates with sentiment so they speak to you personally.

Some couture pieces are created by collecting family heirlooms, seldom if ever worn jewelry and transforming these elements into a personal talisman that honors the memories attached to the original jewelry.

“Often clients bring me items in their possession that belonged to a family member they lost years ago,” says Mary. “Clients see the care I put into each piece of jewelry and I respect the reverence they have for their precious mementos. Together we take these qualities and produce something of timeless beauty.”

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Imagine a one-of-a-kind, custom-made piece of jewelry just for you. Now, take it one step further…the materials used for your special, couture piece come from your very own treasure trove of loved (but seldom, if ever, worn) family jewels.

Creative Spiritual design from the heart of New York

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