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…Your Life Path Number

Use numerology to unlock you life’s personal code & unique potential by adding up the numbers to your birth date.

Here’s how you do it.

Find your life path # by adding together the month, day, and year you were born. To illustrate I’ll use mine: Janurary 2, 1964

Janurary = 1
2nd = 2
1964 = (1 + 9 + 6 + 4 = 20) (2 + 0 = 2)
So, 1 + 2 + 2 = 5
My Life Path # is 5…which means “Agent of Change.”

Now figure out yours. Jot your numbers down and add them up like shown above.

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What Your Number Means

#1 IndependEnce: Leader. The number one indicates the ability to stand alone, and is a strong vibration. Ruled by the Sun.Keywords: independent, creative, original, ambitious, determined, self-assured.
“I am ready and able…”

#2 Harmony: Mediator and peace lover. The number two indicates the desire for harmony. It is a gentle, considerate, and sensitive vibration. Ruled by the Moon.Keywords: diplomatic, warm, peaceful, sensitive.
“I am one with myself…”

#3 Self Expression: Sociable, friendly, and outgoing vibration. Kind, positive, and optimistic. Three’s enjoy life and have a good sense of humor. Ruled by Jupiter. Keywords: jovial, friendly, positive, adventurous, self-expressive.
“I am free to be myself…”

#4 Build: worker practical, with a love of detail, Fours are trustworthy, hard-working, and helpful. Ruled by Uranus. Keywords: trustworthy, helpful, steady, logical, self-disciplined, problem-solving.
“I am touching the sky…”

#5 Change: Freedom lover. The number five is an intellectual vibration. These are “idea” people with a love of variety and the ability to adapt to most situations. Ruled by Mercury. Keywords: adaptable, freedom-loving, romantic, resourceful, witty, fun-loving, curious, flexible, accommodating.
“I discover new worlds of possibility…”

#6 Nuture: peace lover. The number six is a loving, stable, and harmonious vibration. Ruled by Venus. Keywords: compassionate, stable, family-loving, trustworthy, domesticated.
“I bring poise…”

#7 Inner Focus: Deep thinker. The number seven is a spiritual vibration. These people are not very attached to material things, are introspective, and generally quiet. Ruled by Neptune. keywords: unusual, introspective, intuitive, psychic, wise, reserved.
“I am connected…”

#8 Power: Manager. Number eight is a strong, successful, and material vibration. Ruled by Saturn. Keywords: ambitious, business-minded, practical, leading, authoritative, successful, courageous, accomplished, organized.
“I am a visionary…”

#9 Humanitarian: Teacher. Number nine is a tolerant, and sympathetic vibration. Ruled by Mars. Keywords: jack of all trades, humanitarian, sympathetic, helpful, emotional, tolerant, active, determined.
“I am generous…”

#11 Idealism: giver. Number eleven is an innovator with an unmistakable streak of humanitarianism. keywords: idealistic, intuitive, considerate, tolerant, accepting, steadfast.
“I inspire…”

#22 Builder: master builder. Although number Twenty-twos are idealists and visionaries, they still manage to keep their feet on the ground. Keywords: achiever, wise, intense, idealistic, resourceful, passionate.
“I am a creator…”

#33 Healer: The principle of guidance. When expressed to the fullest, the 33 lacks all personal ambition, and instead focuses its considerable abilities toward the spiritual uplifting of mankind. Keywords: compassionate, blessing, teacher of teachers, martyr, inspiration, honest.
“I heal through love…”

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